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Episode 12 – Food For Thought With Pepper Matt

We are bringing Matthew Hanson, known these
days as "Farmer Matt, Pepper Matt, and Farmer
Matts Food Company. He has worked in
horticulture and agriculture for more than 20
years in varied and diverse capacities and
situations. Most of his career has been devoted to
food access and sustainability. He has recently
earned his bachelor’s degree from UMass Amherst
in Sustainable Food Systems.
Our Farmer Matt is currently working on two
projects to further the evolution in food, and
mainly the food he is producing at his farm. One,
by building a community food and flower garden
on the land surrounding not only his family home,
but also mostly vacant lots throughout the
neighboring communities. The purpose: to offer
fresh organically-raised veggies to the whole
surrounding communities, to incorporate a food
rescue facility to aid in reducing food waste and,
one of my favorite aspects of these types of
farming increase access to fresh and nutritious
food within and for neighbors throughout
communities community-wide. Pepper
Matt's Second Passion as an entrepreneur from
home is building a Lacto-fermented condiment and
food CPG business, which includes hot sauce,
mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, beets, peppers, and
more (all fermented, no vinegar) all of which is
sold direct to you, the customer at local farmer's

markets and online. This is Farmer Matt Hanson's
COVID Pivot. And Because of his taking his
passion at home, therefore, to his neighboring
communities he is THIRDLY ABLE TO
BE building a certified commercial kitchen that
will allow the scaling of his business and offer
his products to restaurants and retail stores and that
can also serve as a processing facility for the
aforementioned rescued food.
Now I want to paint an even deeper lead-in picture
for you, our viewers, just a little further. At the age
of 45/46 years old, he had been living and working
as a farm manager growing veggies, tropical fruits,
and cocoa for a pair of resorts in St. Lushia in the
Come find out how his following his passions has
landed him in a town just outside of
Lubbox TEXAS called Slaton at a home built by
his wife's grandfather in the 1940s where he now
also enjoys being close to two toddler
grandchildren added into the mix!