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Episode 3

Sulaiman Niazi: How a friend’s sharing that they wish it was easier to “just make a friend to have some conversations with” became a computer application. Learn how to KONNECT.

Sulaiman Niazi is episodes #2 and #3. This HOME IS WHERE THE BIZ IS episodes journeys you into the life and times of a person born in Kentucky, raised in Pakistan, and joyfully landing in Texas to develop their self into an accomplished career in networking and application designing.

This delightful interview between the producers of the show and Sulaiman will leave you feeling enriched, encouraged to design the creation of your own dream, and feeling as if you have enlightenment to have no regrets in your journey.

Sulaiman shows us how to stay young, fit, and waking up each day excited for the sunrise, and grateful as the sunsets; with a smile.