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Episode 5 – A Dose of Laughter and Hawaiian Ho’Oponopono. “Say What?!”

How? Enjoy entrepreneurial perspective by Ana-lisa Bartelt, with laughter, insight, and international perspectives brought to America from her German and Hawaiian roots for removing self-doubt to being confident and
You will receive unique and unusual ideas for you to explore and discover your gifts for passion, love and soul for how to create your business from your home!
No more trauma, no more anxiety with simple steps to your believing in yourself.
Plus, get permission to be OK with staying home in your pajamas and be at work! Radical Acceptance and no more Buts!
Come smile and laugh with us. Aloha to you! and enjoy your Hawaiian treat.
– A Production of Elizabeth Lise T.V.Ellison & Dr. Monica of 2SisterzByChoice