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Episode 6 – Never Feel Like You Are Working Another Day!

“Smooches a’la Mooches!” Start your day finding your how and what to do for your Career From Home.

What gets you up in the morning? Are you your own inspiration and are you following your path to service for others AND serving you and your family at the same time?

Get inspired as we interview a single mom with her son and 3 fur babies working from home with her outside money maker being inside the home, and her 3 other passions for helping women find their inner beauty being displayed outside. Niesha McFarland Mother and HomeEngineer Extraordinaire & Business Strategist Consultant & Coach as she navigates us on how she accomplished writing books, helping young girls discover and hang onto their value + help their parents communicate with them to support them + give talks at schools and other venues, and manage podcasts on how to be your best beauty-full.

Niesha is an amazing, caring kind and loving friend and entrepreneur AND HER 3 FUR BABIES! Which make give their speeches in the interview as well. No, did not cut that part out just for those of you who know how to appreciate their love.

How does she navigate all these?

Enjoy as you meet her how. Come love, laugh, and appreciate this woman and her dedicated ways for BEing all she can, and more.

AND ALWAYS REMEMBER: “Vision creates Commitment, Commitment creates Action, Action Creates.” – Elizabeth “Lisa” TV Ellison

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