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Episode 7 – MANIFESTING YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL PATH: Out of a 9 to 5 with Benefits to being the creator of your true & pure passion.

This episode brings insight into finding your own definition for what your path will be to find what you are striving to achieve for you. Travel with us with “Marv” ORAAT = “One Rep At A Time”.
He began his entrepreneurial path doing personal training in his own home gym where I reconnected with him and is now finishing up this year achieving “Doctor of Chiropratic”. He has been showcased in
Men’s Health Magazine, Huffington Post, San Diego Union Tribune, The Recovery Channel, Work-It Health to name a few achievements; and has written the books: ONE REP AT A TIME + providing benefits for, One Day At A Time – One Meal At A Time – One Set At A Time – One Rep At A Time,
and Nutrition Hierarchy + Keeping It Simple One Meal At A Time.
Come learn, laugh, and thrive in a better best understanding for your choices for improvement.