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Episode 8 – How to never stop recreating your continuous successes and earn an income while loving what you do

Want to empower your money and have some fun? Our guest Alyce Cooper Smith is an insightful and colorful addition to our series for having a career from home!

Whether she is on-duty at the hospital as a Psychiatric Nurse, or at an event story-telling as a psychodramatist bringing deep meaning to children in the hospital, at a events in the park, in a play, or fundraiser she captivates, spreads the love, educates historically, and lights up a party and creating better listeners, just to name a very few of her skills! We brought her to you during these intense times to find out how she has also renewed her vision to include financial education for everyone through World Financial Group, Wealth Ways! It is by her great works she is in the San Diego Hall of Fame in 2005.